I started this challenge on the eve of my 50th birthday and originally called it My 50lbs Challenge and it slowly evolved into a Body, Mind & Soul Lifestyle.

This is my personal Body, Mind & Soul journey to live a healthier lifestyle and to take better care of myself. So in fact, my 50 lbs challenge is not just about losing weight, it’s about holistic body, mind & soul wellbeing.

The objective is to be accountable to me and to do something every day towards my goal body, mind & soul in a gentle and loving way. This is also an invitation and a reminder to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, heal, grow, and experiment at my own pace.

Body Mind Soul

There are no strict rules, as long as I do something out of the 3 areas of Body, Mind & Soul and enjoy it because Life is meant to be good!  In the end, it’s about feeding myself in nourishing ways.

I had fun making a list of little things to do when life gets me down called: 50+ Things to Feed your Body, Mind & Soul and would love to send it to you! 

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